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Relative motion - physics experiment All motion is relative to the observer or to some fixed object. This is physics experiment for science project. Gibanje je relativno. To pomeni, da se telo giblje samo v razmerju do nekega drugega telesa, za katerega predpostavljamo, da miruje.

Bending the walls - physics experiment
Putting off the candle light with CO2 - physics experiment
Screaming tube - physics experiment
Radiometer (sunmill) - physics experiment

Candle swing - physics experiment
Candle swing - physics experiment
197 sec.
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Balloon filled with SF6 - physics experiment
Air propulsion - physics experiment
Water’s surface tension - physics experiment

Balloon rocket - physics experimenton rocket - Science experiment
Two balloons  - physics experiment
Two balloons - physics experiment
74 sec.
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Liquid nitrogen projectiles - physics experiment
Table tennis ball in liquid nitrogen - physics experiment

Surface tension
Surface tension
40 sec.
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Straw flute - science experiment
Straw flute - science experiment
27 sec.
Views: 1684
Car and marbles - Newton’s Third Law of Motion - physics experiment
Boiling water at lower air pressure - physics experiment

Sheet of paper and a box
Sheet of paper and a box
53 sec.
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Energy of sound - science experiment
Conservation of angular momentum - science experiment
Conservation of angular momentum - science experiment

Resonance - science experiment
Resonance - science experiment
32 sec.
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Flame and spoon
Flame and spoon
50 sec.
Views: 1973
8 sec.
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Double pendulum - chaos - science experiment

Relative motion - physics experiment
Water drops on superhydrophobic surface - surface tension - physics experiment
Aerogel powder - superhydrophobic
Preassure demonstration - Science experiment

Hydrophobic coating - Science experiment
Balloons and acceleration - Science experiment
Helium and soap bubbles - Science experiment
Helium flow - Science experiment

Balloons and sound
Balloons and sound
78 sec.
Views: 363
How Inhaling SF6 Affects Our Voice
Water drops on the superhydrophobic slope - Science experiment
Soap bubbles volleyball - Science experiment

CO2 in soapy water - Science experiment
CO2 on water - Science experiment
CO2 on water - Science experiment
102 sec.
Views: 454
Stream of carbon dioxide - Science experiment
Giant soap bubbles - Science experiment
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Mechanics - Science Experiments:

Science Experiments with liquid nitrogen  - Properties of liquid nitrogen showed in some experiments...
Bending the walls - We recognize the forces by their effects.
Bubble in a bubble - A simple trick how to make a soap bubble inside a bigger bubble.
Balloon trick - Every baby can pop a balloon. But a magician can pierce it without popping it.
A balloon in a bottle - Try to inflate a balloon inside a bottle. It's tricky but physics tells you how to do it.
Bernoulli's principle - Physics experiments showing Bernoulli's principle. With the increase of the fluid's speed the pressure decreases.
Blowing up a balloon with CO2 - Pour some vinegar to the bottle and soda bicarbonate to the balloon.
Balloon in the bottle - Put a balloon in the bottle and pump the air out of the bottle.
Bernoulli's principle - Try to blow a ball out of a funnel-shaped tube. Because of the Bernoulli's principle the ball doesn't fall down.
Wine and water exchange places - Cover up a glass of water with a thin pasteboard, turn it over and put it on the glass of red wine.
Two balls - The ball cannot bounce higher of the height from which the ball was dropped off...
Quicksilver - Mercury - The quicksilver is so dense that a steel ball, a brass cube or an aluminium cube can float on it.
Water pressure - The hydrostatic water pressure increases with depth, so the lowest jet reaches the longest.
Egg in a helmet - Why it's useful to wear a helmet
Egg in a bottle - Put a burning piece of a paper into a bottle with a neck slightly narrower than an egg.
Spinning eggs - By spinning eggs we can easily find out which egg is fresh and which one is hard-boiled.
Cartesian diver - A Cartesian diver or Cartesian devil is a classic science experiment, named for René Descartes
Detergent driven boat - Put a drop of a detergent to the cutting in the middle of a boat and the boat will sail on the water surface.
Magdeburg hemispheres - Otto von Guericke was the first who exposed this science experiment for the emperor in Magdeburg in the year 1654.
Cool moving bubbles - For this physics experiment we need a glass cylinder, water, oil, dye and sparkling tablets.
Mixing colors - For the experiment we suggest use of a high fat milk...
Optical illusion - The length of both edges is really different, we have the feeling that objects are of different sizes.
Dust from the diapers - For this experiment we used diaper filling which is good moisture absorber. It can be used for many jokes.
Diving bell - The air pressure in the glass prevents the outer water from leaking into the glass.
Human levitation - This experiment with a mirror shows you a very common illusion ...
Rockets - Pour water in a box of photographic tape and add some baking powder or a soda tablet.
Equilibrium - Simple science experiment for moments you're waiting for the food in a restaurant and want to impress your friends.
Raisins and soda - Raisins and soda physics experiment
Jet propulsion - The pressure difference pushes the water through tubes.
Weighing gases - Experiment is showing different gas density.
Air pressure - Air is pumped out of a tube and inside the air pressure decreases and the ballons are getting bigger.
Screaming tubes2 - Three different screaming sounds from three different tubes
Angular momentum - Angular momentum is a physical quantity, that occurs at rotation and circulation of objects.
Tuning fork - The sound travels through the material as a wave motion.
Brownian motion - Brownian motion is the seemingly random movement of particles suspended in a fluid.
Slow ball - Slow ball is filled partially with viscose liquid which floats in the ball.
SF6 Denser than air - Cool experiment with gas that is denser than air.
Live matter - When we affect on it with a great force, it behaves as a solid and when the force is smaller, it behaves as a liquid.
Beer can destroyed by air pressure - Cool experiment - beer can is crushed by air pressure.
Air pressure - Cool science experiment
Air pressure 2 - Fill the glass almost full with water and cover it with plastic foil.
Boiling water at room temperature - With decreasing pressure the water boiling temperature drops .


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