Relative motion - physics experiment

http://www.fizik.si All motion is relative to the observer or to some fixed object. This is physics experiment for science project. http://www.fizik.si Gibanje je relativno. To pomeni, da se telo giblje samo v razmerju do nekega drugega telesa, za katerega predpostavljamo, da miruje.

Bending the walls - physics experiment
Putting off the candle light with CO2 - physics experiment
Screaming tube - physics experiment
Radiometer (sunmill) - physics experiment

Candle swing - physics experiment
Candle swing - physics experiment
197 sec.
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Balloon filled with SF6 - physics experiment
Air propulsion - physics experiment
Water’s surface tension - physics experiment

Balloon rocket - physics experimenton rocket - Science experiment
Two balloons  - physics experiment
Two balloons - physics experiment
74 sec.
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Liquid nitrogen projectiles - physics experiment
Table tennis ball in liquid nitrogen - physics experiment

Surface tension
Surface tension
40 sec.
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Straw flute - science experiment
Straw flute - science experiment
27 sec.
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Car and marbles - Newton’s Third Law of Motion - physics experiment
Boiling water at lower air pressure - physics experiment

Sheet of paper and a box
Sheet of paper and a box
53 sec.
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Energy of sound - science experiment
Conservation of angular momentum - science experiment
Conservation of angular momentum - science experiment

Resonance - science experiment
Resonance - science experiment
32 sec.
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Flame and spoon
Flame and spoon
50 sec.
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8 sec.
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Double pendulum - chaos - science experiment

Relative motion - physics experiment
Water drops on superhydrophobic surface - surface tension - physics experiment
Aerogel powder - superhydrophobic
Preassure demonstration - Science experiment

Hydrophobic coating - Science experiment
Balloons and acceleration - Science experiment
Helium and soap bubbles - Science experiment
Helium flow - Science experiment

Balloons and sound
Balloons and sound
78 sec.
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How Inhaling SF6 Affects Our Voice
Water drops on the superhydrophobic slope - Science experiment
Soap bubbles volleyball - Science experiment

CO2 in soapy water - Science experiment
CO2 on water - Science experiment
CO2 on water - Science experiment
102 sec.
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Stream of carbon dioxide - Science experiment
Giant soap bubbles - Science experiment
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Mechanics - Science Experiments:

Science Experiments with liquid nitrogen  - Properties of liquid nitrogen showed in some experiments...
Bending the walls - We recognize the forces by their effects.
Bubble in a bubble - A simple trick how to make a soap bubble inside a bigger bubble.
Balloon trick - Every baby can pop a balloon. But a magician can pierce it without popping it.
A balloon in a bottle - Try to inflate a balloon inside a bottle. It's tricky but physics tells you how to do it.
Bernoulli's principle - Physics experiments showing Bernoulli's principle. With the increase of the fluid's speed the pressure decreases.
Blowing up a balloon with CO2 - Pour some vinegar to the bottle and soda bicarbonate to the balloon.
Balloon in the bottle - Put a balloon in the bottle and pump the air out of the bottle.
Bernoulli's principle - Try to blow a ball out of a funnel-shaped tube. Because of the Bernoulli's principle the ball doesn't fall down.
Wine and water exchange places - Cover up a glass of water with a thin pasteboard, turn it over and put it on the glass of red wine.
Two balls - The ball cannot bounce higher of the height from which the ball was dropped off...
Quicksilver - Mercury - The quicksilver is so dense that a steel ball, a brass cube or an aluminium cube can float on it.
Water pressure - The hydrostatic water pressure increases with depth, so the lowest jet reaches the longest.
Egg in a helmet - Why it's useful to wear a helmet
Egg in a bottle - Put a burning piece of a paper into a bottle with a neck slightly narrower than an egg.
Spinning eggs - By spinning eggs we can easily find out which egg is fresh and which one is hard-boiled.
Cartesian diver - A Cartesian diver or Cartesian devil is a classic science experiment, named for René Descartes
Detergent driven boat - Put a drop of a detergent to the cutting in the middle of a boat and the boat will sail on the water surface.
Magdeburg hemispheres - Otto von Guericke was the first who exposed this science experiment for the emperor in Magdeburg in the year 1654.
Cool moving bubbles - For this physics experiment we need a glass cylinder, water, oil, dye and sparkling tablets.
Mixing colors - For the experiment we suggest use of a high fat milk...
Optical illusion - The length of both edges is really different, we have the feeling that objects are of different sizes.
Dust from the diapers - For this experiment we used diaper filling which is good moisture absorber. It can be used for many jokes.
Diving bell - The air pressure in the glass prevents the outer water from leaking into the glass.
Human levitation - This experiment with a mirror shows you a very common illusion ...
Rockets - Pour water in a box of photographic tape and add some baking powder or a soda tablet.
Equilibrium - Simple science experiment for moments you're waiting for the food in a restaurant and want to impress your friends.
Raisins and soda - Raisins and soda physics experiment
Jet propulsion - The pressure difference pushes the water through tubes.
Weighing gases - Experiment is showing different gas density.
Air pressure - Air is pumped out of a tube and inside the air pressure decreases and the ballons are getting bigger.
Screaming tubes2 - Three different screaming sounds from three different tubes
Angular momentum - Angular momentum is a physical quantity, that occurs at rotation and circulation of objects.
Tuning fork - The sound travels through the material as a wave motion.
Brownian motion - Brownian motion is the seemingly random movement of particles suspended in a fluid.
Slow ball - Slow ball is filled partially with viscose liquid which floats in the ball.
SF6 Denser than air - Cool experiment with gas that is denser than air.
Live matter - When we affect on it with a great force, it behaves as a solid and when the force is smaller, it behaves as a liquid.
Beer can destroyed by air pressure - Cool experiment - beer can is crushed by air pressure.
Air pressure - Cool science experiment
Air pressure 2 - Fill the glass almost full with water and cover it with plastic foil.
Boiling water at room temperature - With decreasing pressure the water boiling temperature drops .


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